1907 - Ronnie Shellist reviews a 1896 MB Dude

2011 - Ken Leiboff playing a plastic comb Dude



Planet Harmonica - A harmonica magazine on the web with contributors from all over the world.  Thank you Benoit.

Mike Will's Diatonic Reference Site - The most complete collection of harmonica info I've ever seen.  You better  check out this site. 

Harmonica - You get one guess as to what this site contains.

Harp-L Home Page - Harp-L is where players around the world share information.  Come join us.

SPAH  -The official harp players organization.

Harpin On - Harmonica reviews, players, profiles, CD reviews,  and equipment reports.

Brendan Power - An unbelievable selection of custom chromatics tuned to suit.

Cumberland Custom Leather - Nice harp belts & cases, priced right.

The National Harmonica League (UK) and Harmonica World magazine - Harmonica news, links & downloads.

Turboharp - Innovative new harps and accessories. Turbodog is one of the leaders in the harmonica evolution.

All the above sites contain many more harmonica links