"Man, you've spent a ton of effort on this bad boy, and the end product is absolutely beautiful! Got to admit that the weight will take some getting used to (when I first picked it up, I almost tipped over.) But there's no doubt ... that this is a quality instrument. I will cherish it for a lifetime... Thanks!"

Turbodog        AntakaMatics Inc.    Pittsburgh, PA


"It played great. By great I mean it felt air tight from top to bottom. It was loud compared to a Lee Oskar or out of the box Big River. It also felt good in my hands and it felt good in my mouth. It was a joy to play. I'm very pleased with it."

Thomas Fornoff        Cape Canaveral, FL

"The SS Dude arrived bright and early on Saturday morning. I must say I am very impressed with the quality (and heft) of this harp. You're right about the sound. It is quite a bit louder than my other harps. It was well worth the wait. Thanks!"

Matthew J. Griffin        Burlington, VT


I have been playing this C harp I purchased from you for nearly 3 years now and it simply will not quit. In addition to this, it was the harp I used when I won the 2008 Florida Harmonica Championship. Everyone says "its the player" but I can tell you that the quality of your work definitely had an impact in my playing abilities. 

Lindsey Mercer, Tampa

2008 Florida Harmonica Championship

2009 Florida Harmonica Championship

“I have come to rely on Dude Harps for all of my new harmonica purchases. Steve’s attention to detail produces a high-quality, affordable harp that is ready to gig straight out of the box. I’ve worked with more than a dozen harp customizers, and Steve is the one I keep coming back to.”

 Evan Meagher   Evanston, IL

"Steve, your wood combed Dude harps take an already great customized harp to the next level. The craftwork on the wood makes it as smooth as a plastic comb but with the warmth and tactile sense of the original pear wood comb. Every harp you send me is better than the one before. Keep up the great work, Dude"

Tom Albanese, Chicago

Band: Trouble No More


"They are beautifully responsive and a joy to play!"

"They are SUPERB harmonicas!"

John "Whiteboy" Walden , London, England

1996 Medal Winner - European Harmonica Festival, Trossingham, Germany

John Walden's Blues Band, Madison Blues Band

"A nice air-tight harmonica, cleverly assembled with precision and care.  The best key of "G" I currently own."

fjm    Tucson, Arizona

"UNBELIEVABLE ! LOVE IT!!  Thanks a lot, you are AWESOME..."

Brian Bertha, Great Falls, MT

"Very tight harp, no leaks, good acoustic volume without having to blow hard.  Steve's new addition to the custom market presents a real nice alternative.  Nice work, Dude."

Tom Albanese    Chicago, Illinois

Band: Trouble No More

"I got my first Dude Harp a few days ago. I played it everyday. I like it very much!" "It is very responsive, easy to bend, easy to control the sound...I like the appearance too." "Thanks a lot for your nice work."

Terence Vancouver, B.C. Canada

"Yes, I got them and they play great!  Easy to bend and very comfortable...nice work my man!  My buddy loves his, and we'll be ordering more."

Philip D. Lee    Newark, Delaware

"It plays really nice:  it's as airtight as my painstakingly Micropored Hering Blues.  Most of all, I like the craftsmanship--it's a real beauty to look at and play."

Chris Green    Tokyo, Japan

"Sounds really sweet, loud with good tone and very responsive and comfortable to play.  So, if you're considering getting a custom harp, check this one out."

Douglas Steding    California

"Molto piacevole arpa, stretto e dolse e fa bella la musica. Bello lavoro, Signore UnoDude!!! Piu caldi riguardi,"

Signore Mudharp