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Ch. Tobiah Teine Mahogany Rush, JC, ROMX-c

9/16/90 - 10/13/00
Ch. Tobiah's Pepper Shaker x Kristull Aarctic Fox

Rush was the foundation of  Teine borzoi.  He was beautiful, fast, aristocratic, predatory and gentle.  Through his ideal borzoi temperament, he charmed many people into owning a borzoi of their own.  His most notable trait was the utter conviction that he deserved to be the center of everyone's attention.  I miss him every day.

Rush died from a brain tumor, but during the last months of his life he was found to still have normal blood values and free from any spinal disease, hip dysplasia, thyroid problems, heart or lung defects.

Rush is pictured winning a Hound Group 1 under Dr. Gerda Kennedy.
(pictured with handler Sarah Nightengale)

Rush as a 4-year old


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