Boardgame Players Association
  2022 Pro Golf
PBeM Championship Tournament

The thirteenth annual BPA Pro Golf PBeM tournament will start on April 1st, 2022.


NEW IN 2022:  Nothing, again.  (I am still the BPA’s laziest GM).  Players will still be required to pick their three favorites of the seven available golfers.  A random golfer will be chosen for them from those three preferred choices. 


Vaccination status may be required to be verified by the Australian government before play can begin.  Negotiations are still ongoing.

All entrants are required to be a member of the Boardgame Players Association.  See the BPA Website for details about joining.

All games will be played using the Generic Module of ACTS.  Contact the
GM (Bruce Monnin) if you would like to see a sample.


ACTS was kind enough to make the Generic module for use in this tournament.  Please show your appreciation by letting them know if you enjoy it and by following all ACTS guidelines. 

There are seven golfer cards which will be used in this tournament, the 2005 versions of Colin Montgomerie, Justin Leonard and Shigeki Maruyama, the 2004 version of John Daly, the 1984 version of Ray Floyd, as well as the 1981 versions of Curtis Strange and Johnny Miller.  These golfers are fairly equal in skills and you may pick your favorite three, from which one will be randomly chosen as your player.  These seven golfers (and a second putt card) are available to you on the Golfer Webpage.  


Here is the historical data for these golfers in this online event.


Augusta Average Scores:

71.55 = Ray Floyd 1984 (49)

71.59 = Curtis Strange 1981 (56)

71.64 = Colin Montgomery 2005 (22)

71.76 = John Daly 2004 (50)

72.03 = Shigeki Maruyama 2005 (73)

72.19 = Justin Leonard 2005 (37)

72.38 = Johnny Miller 1981 (34)


Muirfield Village Average Scores:

71.24 = Shigeki Maruyama 2005 (66)

72.26 = Johnny Miller 1981 (34)

72.29 = Ray Floyd 1984 (49)

72.57 = John Daly 2004 (47)

72.61 = Justin Leonard 2005 (23)

72.92 = Curtis Strange 1981 (62)

73.38 = Colin Montgomery 2005 (16)


Pebble Beach Average Scores:

69.85 = Shigeki Maruyama 2005 (21)

71.14 = Johnny Miller 1981 (7)

71.47 = Curtis Strange 1981 (17)

72.10 = Justin Leonard 2005 (10)

72.40 = John Daly 2004 (15)

72.60 = Colin Montgomery 2005 (5)

72.36 = Ray Floyd 1984 (11)


Tournament Format:
1)  The tournament format will be three rounds.  The first round will be in April, the second in May and the third in June.
2)  The first round will occur in April (month of the Masters) and thus will use the 2002 Augusta National course. 
3)  The top 2/3 of the field (rounded up) will survive the first cut and play a second round in May (month of the Memorial) and thus use the Muirfield Village course.
4)  The combined score of the first two rounds will be used to determine advancement to the third round by 1/3 (rounded up) of the initial field size.  The third round will be played in June (month of the U.S. Open) and thus will use the Pebble Beach course.

5)  The combined score of the three rounds will be used to determine the Champion and other Laurelists.
6)  Any ties will be resolved using a 3-hole playoff on the 2002 Augusta National course.  If still tied, another three holes will be played.
7)  There will be a one month time limit on each round.  A round not finished in that time frame will result in the player being disqualified from the competition.
8)  As rounds are completed the scores with be posted on the Tournament Scoreboard.  However, scores are not official until they have been double-checked by the GM.

Your GM (Bruce Monnin) will be participating.  Any games involving the GM will be administered and ruled upon by the assistant GMs Rob Drozd or Chris Kizer.

The tournament will be using the 1st Edition Rules which came with the sets containing the original Augusta Masters course.  Ignore the Optional Rules.

Please familiarize yourself with the ACTS module before using it.  There are a couple of procedural hints which must be followed:
1)  Always clearly declare your die rolls before you make them (i.e. - 1st Hole, 2nd Shot, SI)
2)  Anytime an improper number of dice are rolled, the roll is voided and all dice must be rerolled.
3)  Adjust your Holes Completed and Total Strokes values after each hole.
4)  Hit the End Turn link after each hole so that the Turn matches with the hole number you are playing.

To sign up, email the GM (Bruce Monnin).

Last Updated January 14, 2022